What to expect

The Focus of Therapy
The focus of therapy is on you.  Sometimes this will mean concentrating on You as an individual.  At other times it may include you within the context of a marriage or a child-to-parent relationship.  At still other times the focus might require working with you as a part of a family.  This three-part program, where it is appropriate and applicable, will be our fundamental approach to your therapy.

Entering the Program
Most people who enter this program have been through very difficult times.  In addition, these individuals are used to solving their problems by themselves.  Consequently, their asking someone else for help is often a difficult process, and represents a change of behavior that brings its own questions.  For example, many clients want a clear definition of how we see their particular situation.  They also want to know what they can expect from the process in which they are involved.  These questions are natural, and should not only be asked at the beginning of the program, but should continue to be raised throughout the therapeutic process.

Therapy is Experiential and Didactic
The program has two components.  One component is “experiential”.  In this instance, experiential means the actual doing of the therapy.  The other component is “didactic”.  The term didactic is used here to mean that educational materials are provided to explain how to do the therapy as well as why the therapy is important.  

The two components parallel each other.  The intent of our therapy is to present you with an outside yet supporting view of the experiential process while you progress through it.