Policies and Procedures

This program focuses on your therapeutic needs as we understand them to exist at individual, relationship, and family levels.  We will help you meet those needs through the coordinated use of individual and group processes.  The therapies we employ are varied and depend on your needs at a particular time.  There are two primary components to the program.  They are an “experiential component”, in which you actually do the therapy, and a “didactic component”, wherein the how and why of the therapeutic process is explained.  All aspects of the program are conducted under the rules of confidentiality.  Our agreement with you is that you will respect these rules.  Without them, no one can safely utilize the therapeutic process as intended.  And finally, we ask that you refrain from using psychoactive substances during your tenure in the program.

By most therapeutic standards, this program is very comprehensive.  It has evolved over 30 years of study, and from participation in the development of one of the most advanced national therapeutic models available.  We recognize that participation in such a comprehensive effort involves a sincere commitment from your.  This is my assurance to you that we are equally committed.  We look forward to working with you.