Group and Individual Process

Group and individual therapeutic processes are available depending on particular needs and interests.  Our experience is that group therapy, when applied to individuals, couples, or families, is very effective.  Some of the benefits of group therapy include the fact that clients can see that many other people have had experiences similar to their own.  In this way thoughts of ‘being the only people having such problems’ are changed, and feelings of isolation are lessened.  Even more productively, group therapy can help by showing how others progress.  Individual therapy is also valuable – many people respond well to the singular sessions.  Our policy is to augment group activity with individual sessions, depending on your therapeutic needs at a specific time.  For example, in the beginning of therapy, chemically dependent people are routinely seen on an individual and weekly basis in conjunction with one or, (in some cases) several other group processes.  The additional support is almost always necessary during the initial period of detoxification.  To take another example, some clients who are progressing in group therapy might periodically require sessions are arranged on a temporary basis until the particular need is met.