Kinds of Therapy

There are many, many different psychotherapies.  In addition, varying views of how to diagnose and the address human problems are proliferating and becoming increasingly available through media.  We believe that such differing views enhance people’s knowledge and understanding of therapy in general.

In this program, the methods we select will depend on your specific needs.  Because needs frequently change, the methods used will be adapted to those changes.  For example, there may be times in which the achievement of a certain task is very important.  Positive and successful behavior-oriented therapies are utilized at those times, depending on their appropriateness for you.  In other periods you may require assistance in understanding your emotional response to a particular issue.  An entirely different process would be used.  Another important dimension in therapy addresses how clients act within their relationships.  In response to this issue, marital and family therapies have been developed.  The different approaches range from helping family members to develop better communication skills to strengthening or redesigning the agreements between those involved.  In addition, some family therapies are intended to help family members adjust to changes the relationships may have undergone.  If you are participating in the program with another individual or with your family, these latter therapies will be utilized when appropriate.

Because the therapies have different goals and are often based on competing philosophical premises, we include explanations of those differences in the educational materials.  Our experience is that the more the client understands what he or she is doing, the stronger the therapeutic results.