Use of Drugs

Use of Drugs/Alcohol/Psychotropic Medications

This program requires that all participants refrain from the use of drugs (including alcohol).  This includes social chemical use between sessions.  The basis of this requirement is an ethical rather than moral issue.  Our experience is that drug use is a profoundly important therapeutic variable. Drugs produce emotional swings and provide artificial internal control mechanisms that interfere with the client’s progress.  In addition, we have found that clients do not have the ability to prevent the drug from interfering with the therapeutic process.  Consequently, abstinence from the use of such substances increases the probabilities of success.  Where prescription psychoactive or antidepressant medications are used, we must be notified and provided a written release to discuss this use with your physician.  Although we recognize that some medications are very valuable to some people, our experience is that unless such medicinal drug use is coordinated with this therapy, the remedies may work at cross-purposes and thus not function in your best interest.